Earthquake Relief
Concert and Poster Sale

with music by
X-Berg Kız Meslek Korosu & Seda Mimaroğlu

Sunday, 26 March 2023 / 6pm at Café Kotti

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Please join us for our first event to benefit earthquake-affected communities, which we are organizing in collaboration with our neighbor Café Kotti. Our friends from the choir X-Berg Kız Meslek Korosu will sing songs from different Turkish and Kurdish regions, followed by a music set by Seda Mimaroğlu.
Admission is free. We kindly ask all guests to make a donation.

On this occasion we will also offer posters by the artists Aleana Egan, Cecilia Szalkowicz, Seda Mimaroğlu, Louise Hopkins, Dorje de Burgh and Samuel Laurence Cunnane. The DIN A2 posters are available at a price of 20 Euros each.

All donations will be sent directly to KAF Kolektif – a grassroots organization for emergency earthquake relief and do-it-together aid on the ground, and to Mor Dayanışma – an independent women’s organization that is focusing on the needs of women and children in the affected regions.
We recommend a minimum donation of 15 Euros.

> All posters: Digital print on A2 blueback paper / 20 EUR each

Special thanks to: Café Kotti, Ercan Yaşaroğlu & Bahri Yaşaroğlu, X-Berg Kız Meslek Korosu, Seda Mimaroğlu, Aleana Egan, Cecilia Szalkowicz, Louise Hopkins, Dorje de Burgh, Samuel Laurence Cunnane, Andreas Reihse, Didem Pekün, Marieta Chirulescu and Serkan Şanlı.